Getting Old . . .

Yeah, I know. I’m still very young. I try to remind myself of that all the time. It’s just that . . . last week, I turned 35 years old. Today, my oldest daughter registered for junior high. So, I was sitting there with her and my wife in the cafeteria of the junior high, listening to the school principal give the spiel about the classes and everything, and of course, I drift off into my own personal thoughts. All I could think was, “It feels like just yesterday I was in the 7th grade. How am I old enough to have a kid in junior high?”
On the professional front, I just completed the design of an addition to a nursing home. Learning more about the aging process only makes it more real . . . there is no escape to aging. Granted, I have a long life still ahead of me. Hopefully 60-70 more years or more. But aging is an amazing thing. As a child, the world moves slowly and you can’t wait to grow up. Then, in your young adult years, you think you have plenty of time to worry about what to do so for now you just want to have fun. But over time, that time seems to slip faster and faster. Days start to go by in a flash and months seem to pass quicker than you can count. You start to feel like time is running out– like you may not have enough time on this earth to accomplish your goals and dreams.
This is why I try to remind myself that I am young. I can still run a marathon. I can still hike mountains. I can still accomplish my dreams. But… only if I’m working towards those dreams each and every day.


  1. A friend of mine (in her late 80’s) tells me- “don’t get old”, but what’s the alternative, die young?! I’m going on 35 this year too, but I’m not hoping for another 60-70, which is quite possible, as my grandmother lived to 10 days shy of her 104th b-day- I think I will be quite world-weary at that point, thinking something along the lines of “haven’t I learned what I need to yet?!” But it does seem to be going awful quickly…Isaiah will be a deacon in a couple of months…

    Good to see you posting again.

    • For me, working in a profession I love, I don’t see retiring. I think too many people aim for retirement with no plan other than to enjoy their golden years. If you continually are anxiously engaged in good work, the age doesn’t matter. I’m not getting old. I’m just aging as I stay young. :)

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